Apathy Meaning in Hindi and English – Apathy meaning

Apathy Meaning in Hindi and English with synonyms are flowings:-

Apathy = उदासीनता Pr (udaaseenata)

Apathy = अनुभवहीनता Pr (anubhavaheenata)

Apathy = रुचिशून्यता Pr (Rucisunyata)

Apathy = जड़ता Pr (jadata)

Apathy = निठुराई Pr (Nithurai)

Synonyms for Apathy:-

Definition of Apathy:-

Apathy is the absence or suppression of passion, emotions, or excitement lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.

Apathy Meaning in Hindi and English is seen in varying degrees in healthy people but is also a common symptom of a no of different health problems including mental depression.

Specific symptoms of Apathy induce:-

  • Absence or suppression of emotions, beeling, concerns, or passion.
  • Sluggishness low energy levels and passiveness.
  • Detachment from life and personal events.

What is Apathy depression:-

Apathy is not the same as depression, all those apathy can be a symptom of depression. Depression may also cause feelings of hopelessness and guilt. Serious risks associated with depression include substance use and suicide.

Apathy can be associated with depression a manifestation of negative disorders in schizophrenia, or symptoms of various somatic and neurological disorders.

Depression is more hopeless about the future, Depress had smaller grey matter volumes in the orbitofrontal area as measured by the MRI, Whereas those with apathy had decreased grey matter volume in the right anterior consulate cortex. The more severe the apathy the smallest the grey matter volume.

Apathy meaning in Hindi:-

उदासीनता जुनून, भावनाओं, या उत्तेजना की अनुपस्थिति या दमन है या उन चीजों के लिए चिंता की कमी है जो दूसरों को चलती या रोमांचक लगती हैं।यह स्वस्थ लोगों में अलग-अलग डिग्री में देखा जाता है, लेकिन मानसिक अवसाद सहित विभिन्न स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं में से एक का एक आम लक्षण है।


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