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Abate in Hindi Meaning with Synonyms – Abate Meaning in Hindi is below:-

ABATE = रोक-थाम करना pr – (rok-thaam karana)

ABATE = हटना/ हटाना pr – (hatana/ hataana)

ABATE = मूल्य कम करना / होना, pr – (mooly kam karana / hona)

ABATE = आज्ञा पत्र रद्द करना (aagya patr radd karana)

ABATE = कम होना pr – (kam hona)

ABATE =कमी करना pr – (kamee karana)

ABATE = समाप्त करना pr – (samaapt karana)

ABATE = दूर करना pr – (door karana)

ABATE = हटाना pr – (hataana)

ABATE= कम करना pr – (kam karana)

ABATE= मन्द या शान्त हो जाना pr – (mand ya shaant ho jaana)

ABATE= उपशमन करना pr – (upashaman karana)

ABATE= शान्त करना pr – (shaant karana)

ABATE= मध्यम करना pr – (madhyam karana)

ABATE= निवारण pr – (nivaaran)

ABATE= शांत pr – (शांत)

Below are SYNONYMS of Abate:-






discount fall off





remit slow




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Roli started to become less intense friends can we try to make the sentence a little short top I said that the severe storm has started to become less intense the act of something Savere becoming less strong or less intense can be substituted by the word abate so now we can say the storm started to abate simply isn’t it now let us use this word in another sentence the market demand for consumer goods as not a weighted and other example is the government plans to avoid pollution in the City by reducing traffic some substitute for the word update our decrease subside and weaken the opposite for the word are grow increase and rise that’s all for today friends.

I am so glad that you stop by here is today’s world today is the word is abate it is it means to slavery lesson something to gradually reduced to a different amount to a bit the water level u gradually reduce the level of the water over time but it can also be used to express the ending OC singer something in low a bit is used to express an older to stop or suppress something.

I know is abatement order means that is certainly no is bus stop being made any group or organization that wants to stop something being done can be referred to as an attachment society the no is abatement society to show the occurrence of the reduction of 20 in the office something the storm has a diet to reduce the price of something O level the charge if something will not use of O come down we can say it is undertaking the opposite celebrate increase intensify synonyms of a bit include decrease with us is subside suppress lover decline progress a b a t e.

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